Defending Michelle

I’ve been reading online about a consultant I know – Michelle Korn of Exotic Publishing. It’s completely weird how there are these people claiming that Exotic Publishing is a scam or that Michelle Korn is mean. I work for Michelle and have for years and she’s been great with me, so I have no idea at all what some of these people are talking about.

There are some freelance writers who posted that she was demanding and mean – but if that’s so why are her ratings on Elance and oDesk so high? Have these people even worked with her? Frankly, given the shoddy grammar and spelling of many of these posts, I’m inclined to think they’re created by people who aren’t even writers at all. If it were true that Exotic Publishing is a scam, presumably I would have trouble getting paid. However, at many times during the period that I’ve worked with her, Michelle Korn has been my main source of income. Could writing and editing for her pay more? Sure, but she is the ONLY person I’ve found on Elance or oDesk who pays what amounts to a living wage. Nobody should put down employers who will pay $10 to $15 for article when far too many Elance and oDesk employers will pay $2 or $3. Michelle does pay $10 to $15 per article – so I don’t understand why people are saying that Michelle Korn is mean when there are people paying 50 cents per 500-word article. That is mean.

No, I haven’t actually tried buying her book, but I’ve helped edit some of the material – so I know it’s completely false that Exotic Publishing is a scam. (By the way, I was paid per job for editing Michelle’s escort industry educational business kits, so there’s no residual financial benefit to me for informing people that the claims that Exotic Publishing is a scam are a complete lie.) The kit definitely exists; I’ve seen it. She has paid people to help her edit it and to develop her sites, which she definitely wouldn’t be doing if the whole thing were a scam.

Aside from saying that she writes mean things about people, some people are saying the Michelle Korn is malicious because she’s misusing personal information. Well, I’ve worked for her, so she has ALL my personal information – and I’ve worked for her outside of Elance and oDesk, so she really does have all my info. I’ve had no problems. I know there’s a site where she writes about people who have ripped her off, but that doesn’t mean that Exotic Publishing is a scam. Those two things are completely unrelated, so claiming that Exotic Publishing is a scam because its owner wrote a negative review about her experiences with a company or a freelancer doesn’t make sense. One thing does not logically follow from the other.

Why am I taking the time to defend someone who’s just my employer? Because as I’ve worked for Michelle I’ve gotten to know and like her. I hate seeing people I like being bullied. In grade school, I was too short to step in and help when people were bullied, but on the internet, physical size doesn’t matter – so now I can step in. So, to the freelance writers who say that Michelle Korn is a bad person and bad employer, go ahead and keep saying that – and I’ll just keep this great job for myself.


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